Custom Baby Doc Martens


The ultimate newborn rock baby gift just landed.

Doc Martens are true footwear icons; protective, comfortable and so rock ‘n’ roll!

100% Authentic Doc Marten baby shoes

Durable hand-customisation

Delivery UK £3.50  // Europe Delivery £20.00 // International £25.00

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow approximately 5-10 working days for delivery to UK addresses and slightly longer for International orders.  If you require your Personalised Nike baby shoes sooner than this, please contact us via email in the first instance contact us.

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Personalised Baby Doc Martens

Rock Baby Gifts don’t get much cooler than this!

Exclusive to ID ME just check out these personalised baby shoes, specially created for pint-sized punks and punkettes!

Genuine Doc Marten booties, hand-customised to make a unique rock baby gift no other tot will have.

Commission them for your own little bundle of joy or create a cute offering for your expectant friend’s baby shower.

Known and loved for their superior design and slick aesthetic.

There’s a reason everyone remembers their first pair.

Baby-sized beauties crafted from supple yet durable black leather.

Furthermore that feels so snug we’re sure your kid won’t kick ’em off in a tantrum!

They showcase the celebrated 1460 lace-up front and contrast stitching of the adult versions, along with the stand-out fabric logo tag at the back.

To make them even more impressive, we’ll put your child’s name on the outer edge in bold, colourful lettering.

Making rock personalised baby gifts for the modern parent is what we do best!

Now, we know that babies quickly outgrow their clothes and shoes.

However since these Docs are custom-decorated and totally timeless, they’re destined to become treasured keepsakes once baby’s feet get too big for them.

If you can’t bear to part with them, give them their own space on the nursery shelf or pass them on to baby’s grandparents so they can reminisce as time goes by.

These baby Doc Martens are so adorable and so unique that your nipper will achieve celebrity-like status.

People will stop you in the street, their playmates will be in awe, and Auntie will coo like crazy. If your kid can handle the fame, style envy and sloppy kisses from Auntie, then these are the booties to buy.