Forest Green Satin Ribbon Shoe Laces


Elevate your everyday shoes or enhance them for a special occasion with our forest green satin laces.

Suitable for Converse, Nike, Vans, Superga, Dr Martens and a range of other brands.

Created in a slightly wider width to give a fuller more luxurious finish to your shoes.


Suitable for low or high top trainers / shoes & Dr Martens


Forest Green Satin Ribbon Shoe Laces

Envelop your shoes in our luscious forest green satin ribbon shoe laces.

Dark green ribbon laces for trainers and fashion shoes.

If you are seeking a pair of satin laces to add some luxe to your everyday shoes or wedding shoes these are the perfect choice.

Without a doubt our ribbon laces will add some personality to our shoes.

Our green shoe laces are very popular with brides looking to add the finishing touches to their wedding pumps or trainers.

However, also loved by those who want to switch up their style for their everyday shoes and trainers.

Hand-made with care.

Importantly we’ve added aglets to the ends.

Aglets allow you to lace your shoes easily but also prevent fraying.

Featuring a wider width our laces will create a full luxurious finish on our shoes.

You’ll find sizes available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm wide.

With a range of lengths and widths you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair to fit your shoes.

They are suitable for a variety of shoe brands.  From Converse (hi and low tops),  Nike (Air Max 90 and AF1), Adidas, Puma, VANs, New Balance, Dr Martens and numerous more.

Committed to creating high quality products, our packaging ensures our laces arrive in tip top condition.