Personalised Baby Converse


Can you honestly resist these personalised baby Converse shoes?

We didn’t think so!

Available in pink, navy and white, these are super-cute scaled-down versions of the All Stars you know and love.

100% Authentic Converse Baby Shoes

Delivery UK £3.99  // Europe Delivery £20.00 // International £25.00

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Personalised Baby Converse

100% genuine personalised baby converse exclusively customised with your child’s name inked on each shoe.

A one-off design that gives your infant’s every outfit a streetwear edge.

Personalised baby Converse shoes are the gift that keeps on giving, long after your tot has outgrown them.

When your little explorer is done with crawling, toddling, clambering, running and jumping,

These sweet lil’ shoes can be put on display or stashed in a box full of memories.

Bring them out of storage each year to marvel at how much your child has grown there’ll be a few happy and nostalgic tears shed.

All Stars by name and nature, these canvas cuties are the perfect partner to baby Converse clothes.

Crafted in solid colour fabric and feature contrast laces, a chunky sole and the classic rubber toe cap.

Furthermore the Converse badge sits on the side to let everyone know how cool your kid really is.

Whether he or she is a promising rock star or a future fashionista, these shoes will help put his or her best foot forward.

Hand-customised with care and precision. The baby’s name will be inked on the shoes in bold lettering so it stands out.

Whether the little one is being pushed around in the buggy or has escaped the reins to see what mischief can be made!

Lightweight and comfortable with the quality feel that Converse is known for.

Watch your child can toddle, leap and scramble freely – we just hope you can keep up!

The ideal new baby gift for parents who value timeless design.

Alt-scene twist and practical things that double as sentimental keepsakes.

Choose pink, blue or navy.

Lastly, if mum or dad is a ripped-jeans-wearing, rock-music-loving, free-thinking kinda spirit, then these shoes should be top of your list of potential baby gifts!