Adidas baby shoes are well-known for their unbearably cute style, and these Gazelles are no exception!

They’re 100% genuine and exclusive to Nappy Head, making them a must-have addition to your infant’s wardrobe and a luxurious gift to boot.

The perfect kicks to add to their wardrobe. These collegiate blue adidas Gazelle are a must-have for tiny feet.

100% Authentic Adidas Baby Shoes

Delivery UK £3.50  // Europe Delivery £20.00 // International £25.00

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Personalised Blue Adidas Baby Shoes

Personalise with a name and birthdate to create a personalised new baby gifts.

Whether you gravitate towards the classic gender-based colours when dressing your kid or you just want a pair of shoes that pop.

These baby Adidas Gazelle in blue will appeal.

Crafted from sumptuous suede with a cushiony sole, they’re superior in both aesthetic and comfort.

Next to the triple stripe design is where we’ll exclusively ink your baby’s name on one shoe and date of birth on the other.

When baby has outgrown them, they’ll become charming keepsakes in their own right.

The personalisation and addition of baby’s birth date transform them into timeless mementoes.

If you seem to have given birth to a style icon in the making, then encourage his or her trendsetting tendencies with these baby Adidas trainers!

They’ll give every outfit a cool streetwear edge and a burst of eye-catching colour that other infants will be jealous of, we’re sure.

Baby will turn heads in the buggy or at the park and make grandma gush over how incredibly sweet he looks.

To please fussy infants, these shoes look appealing and feel cushiony-soft on tiny feet.

To please parents, the premium suede upper is hard-wearing and able to withstand every toddle, kick, crawl and tumble.

In terms of aesthetic, the serrated three-stripe design is an attention-grabbing touch, while the gold foil brand name adds a little luxe.

The lace-up front, branded tongue and contrast heel patch give an iconic sporty vibe.

Teamed with an Adidas baby grow, these dinky shoes will earn your tot’s place in the fashion hall of fame!

What’s more, these personalised baby gifts are so giftable.

Which means you can leave the clichéd silver trinkets on the shelf and present mum with something more exciting.

It can be hard to choose from the vast array of baby gifts available

However since these shoes are so adorable, so covetable and so fashionably custom, the decision is made for you!